Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Places To Play FireFan & FireFan Venues

Hi I am CJ Henderson owner of Sports Hub Oz www.sportshuboz.com We are true sports junkies and always on the lookout for Sports Bars & Cool places to get with friends and watch big sporting events.  One year for Super Bowl some of us went to one venue and others went another way and something really bazaar happened that got me thinking.

The Venue we were at we had to ask them to put on the big game - Then we had to try and see what the food was like & of course they were not running a special for the game because they did not even have it on!  WOW At the other venue where our friends were - #1 The Game was on! #2 the bar was running specials on food and beer and the atmosphere was really happening.  Needless to say we all left and joined the others.

That got me thinking; wouldn't it be nice to be able to search for Sports Bars in our area and see their specials & what others that visited thought - Also with the click of a button share the venue and location on Social Media for all my friends to see instantly?  Yes It Would Be!!

Then it hit us would it not be great if we had something besides the game to bring people together?  Look there are apps out there that you can bet on sports with but only the Gamblers will download and play those - We wanted something that everyone could play even the kids if they were with us & easy enough that people who are not Die Hard sports fans could play and feel that they are part of the festivities as well!  

Well we have that covered as well - Welcome to FireFan The Worlds Most Exciting Real Time Sports App On The Planet! 

FireFan Is New But Exciting - We have over 400 million impressions in both app stores and we are linking this app to Sporting Venues Globally On Our Website - www.sportshuboz.com - Visitors can search for FireFan Venues & See their specials - Game Day Info - Ratings of how other FireFan Sports Junkies enjoyed venues and more!  

We love sports all kinds of sports and we are looking for real sporting Fans & Sporting venues that want a really cool way to attract new customers.  We are Global so no boundaries here and our FireFan app is Global as well so Sports Bars - Pubs - Sporting Venues - Sports Retail Venues  - - You Should Join Sports Hub Oz - FREE We Have Customers Looking For What Your Venue Has To Offer! 

PS:  We also give away some really cool rewards just for playing our FREE App- For Super Bowl We Gave Away A 2017 Nissan - & For NCAA Finals We Gave Away Trip For 2 To Hawaii - Stay tuned more sports and more Rewards coming your way!!!

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