Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Places To Play FireFan & FireFan Venues

Hi I am CJ Henderson owner of Sports Hub Oz www.sportshuboz.com We are true sports junkies and always on the lookout for Sports Bars & Cool places to get with friends and watch big sporting events.  One year for Super Bowl some of us went to one venue and others went another way and something really bazaar happened that got me thinking.

The Venue we were at we had to ask them to put on the big game - Then we had to try and see what the food was like & of course they were not running a special for the game because they did not even have it on!  WOW At the other venue where our friends were - #1 The Game was on! #2 the bar was running specials on food and beer and the atmosphere was really happening.  Needless to say we all left and joined the others.

That got me thinking; wouldn't it be nice to be able to search for Sports Bars in our area and see their specials & what others that visited thought - Also with the click of a button share the venue and location on Social Media for all my friends to see instantly?  Yes It Would Be!!

Then it hit us would it not be great if we had something besides the game to bring people together?  Look there are apps out there that you can bet on sports with but only the Gamblers will download and play those - We wanted something that everyone could play even the kids if they were with us & easy enough that people who are not Die Hard sports fans could play and feel that they are part of the festivities as well!  

Well we have that covered as well - Welcome to FireFan The Worlds Most Exciting Real Time Sports App On The Planet! 

FireFan Is New But Exciting - We have over 400 million impressions in both app stores and we are linking this app to Sporting Venues Globally On Our Website - www.sportshuboz.com - Visitors can search for FireFan Venues & See their specials - Game Day Info - Ratings of how other FireFan Sports Junkies enjoyed venues and more!  

We love sports all kinds of sports and we are looking for real sporting Fans & Sporting venues that want a really cool way to attract new customers.  We are Global so no boundaries here and our FireFan app is Global as well so Sports Bars - Pubs - Sporting Venues - Sports Retail Venues  - - You Should Join Sports Hub Oz - FREE We Have Customers Looking For What Your Venue Has To Offer! 

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Las Vegas couldn’t afford to give $14 million to schools but will give the Raiders $750 million

Even though top professional sports teams are owned by billionaires, teams are constantly lured to move by public welfare that these billionaires do not need.

That’s how Las Vegas lured the Raiders from Oakland to the Sin City, raising taxes to put together a $750 million subsidy for the team’s new stadium.

Proponents of the stadium said that it would create an economic boost for the city, and that the money raised would be worth it in the long run, but that’s the argument that new stadium proponents always make, and it never actually happens.

The Raiders aren’t going to bring an economic boost to Las Vegas. If the city wants to give them $750 million, that’s fine, as long as they know they aren’t getting something in return, and as long as they aren’t taking money away from other, more important priorities. However, that’s not the case.

As The New York Times points out, Las Vegas decided to raise class sizes in underperforming schools because it couldn’t come up with an extra $14 million in the budget. That’s 1.9% of what the city will give the Raiders.

This led to unremarked-upon cognitive dissonance in Las Vegas. Even as politicians increased taxes for stadiums, Clark County school officials voted last spring to increase public class sizes and to close a school for at-risk students. There was simply no money. “This is the last thing we ever want to do,” Linda Young, president of the school board, said at that time.
Even Bill Foley, the owner of the coming NHL expansion club, the Vegas Golden Knights, noted that spending $750 million on the Raiders is a bad use of money.

“There are a lot better ways to spend $750 million than on bringing the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas,” Foley declared. “Spend it on police, firemen, and teachers, and have all three be the best in the country. But I guess we’re going to make a $750-million investment in a stadium.”
Sports are fun, but they aren’t worth it if they require giving near-billion-dollar welfare packages to billionaires while also ignoring the financial needs of basic necessities. If Las Vegas can’t afford to properly fund schools, it shouldn’t have an NFL team, and it certainly shouldn’t tell its residents that, based on no evidence, the Raiders will be an economic boon for the city.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

After last year's heartbreak, UNC takes 6th title with win over Gonzaga

It's OK, Carolina, you can open your eyes.

An unwatchable game turned into a beautiful night for the Tar Heels, who turned a free-throw contest into a championship they've been waiting an entire year to celebrate.

Justin Jackson delivered the go-ahead 3-point play with 1:40 left Monday and North Carolina pulled away for a 71-65 win over Gonzaga that washed away a year's worth of heartache.

It was, in North Carolina's words, a redemption tour -- filled with extra time on the practice court and the weight room, all fueled by a devastating loss in last year's title game on Kris Jenkins' 3-point dagger at the buzzer for Villanova.

"Just unreal that we get a second chance at this," junior Theo Pinson said, recounting a pre-game conversation with teammate Joel Berry II. "Not a lot of people can say they can do that. I told him, `We're about to take this thing. I'm about to give everything I got.' I knew he would, too, We just didn't want to come up short again."

But to say everything went right for Roy Williams' team at this Final Four would be less than the truth.

The Tar Heels (33-7) followed a terrible-shooting night in the semifinal with an equally ice-cold performance in the final -- going 4 for 27 from 3-point land and 26 for 73 overall.

Gonzaga, helped by 8 straight points from Nigel Williams-Goss, took a 2-point lead with 1:52 left, but the next possession was the game-changer.

Jackson took a zinger of a pass under the basket from Pinson and converted the shot, then the ensuing free throw to take the lead for good. Moments later, Williams-Goss twisted an ankle and could not elevate for a jumper that would've given the Bulldogs the lead.

Isaiah Hicks made a basket to push the lead to 3, then Kennedy Meeks, in foul trouble all night (who wasn't?), blocked Williams-Goss' shot and Jackson got a slam on the other end to put some icing on title No. 6 for the Tar Heels.

Williams got his third championship, putting him one ahead of his mentor, Dean Smith, and now behind only John Wooden, Mike Krzyzewski and Adolph Rupp.

"I think of Coach Smith, there's no question," Williams said. "I don't think I should be mentioned in the same sentence with him. But we got three because I've got these guys with me and that's all I care about right now -- my guys."

Berry recovered from ankle injuries to lead the Tar Heels, but needed 19 shots for his 22 points. Jackson had 16 but went 0 for 9 from 3. Overall, the Tar Heels actually shot a percentage point worse than they did in Saturday night's win over Oregon.

Thank goodness for free throws.

They went 15 for 26 from the line and, in many corners, this game will be remembered for these three men: Michael Stephens, Verne Harris and Mike Eades, the referees who called 27 fouls in the second half, completely busted up the flow of the game and sent Meeks, Gonzaga's 7-footers Przemek Karnowski and Zach Collins, and a host of others to the bench in foul trouble.

The game "featured" 52 free throws. Both teams were in the bonus with 13 minutes left. Somehow, Collins was the only player to foul out.

Most bizarre sequence: With 8:02 left, Berry got called for a foul for (maybe) making contact with Karnowski and stripping the ball from the big man's hands. But as Karnowski was flailing after the ball, he inadvertently grabbed Berry around the neck. After a long delay, the refs called Karnowski for a flagrant foul of his own.

"I'm not going to talk about refs," Karnowski said. "It was just a physical game."

Zags coach Mark Few handled it with class, calling the refs "three of the best officials in the entire country," and insisting they did a fine job.

He might have wanted further review on the scrum with 50 seconds left. The refs were taking heat on social media for calling a held ball, which gave possession to the Tar Heels, on a pile-up underneath the Carolina basket. It set up the Hicks layup to put Carolina ahead by 3. One problem: Meeks' right hand looks to be very much touching out of bounds while he's trying to rip away the ball.

"That was probably on me," Few said. "From my angle, it didn't look like an out of bounds situation or I would have called a review. That's tough to hear."

The Bulldogs (37-2), the Cinderella-turned-Godzilla team from the small school in the West Coast Conference, tried to keep the big picture in mind. Twenty years ago, this sort of run at that sort of place looked virtually impossible. With less than 2 minutes left, they had the lead in the national title game.

"We broke the glass ceiling everyone said we couldn't break," junior forward Johnathan Williams said. And North Carolina got over a hump that, at times this season, felt like a mountain.

"They wanted redemption," Williams said. "I put it on the locker room up on the board -- one of the things we had to be tonight was tough enough. I think this group was tough enough tonight."

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