Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday Sydney Australia - Was Awesome!!

Ok well I have to admit I was pulling for the Atlanta Falcons we most of our crew was.  Usually the Patriots is my backup team but not this Sunday and Wow what a game congrats to Tom Brady & The Team for a Great Super Bowl!

Likewise FireFan was pretty awesome we gave away a brand new 2017 Nissan Altima To Brian Gill from Ohio Congrats To Him!

We also had a great event happening of our own with about 250 people that enjoyed Free Hotdog's & Budweiser Beer for the first quarter of the game just for playing FireFan!!! Everyone that played went in the draw for the Car or $25,000 cash. 

We also had fun with some sporting celebs like MC & Host for the day Australia's First Drafted NFL Legend Colin Scotts!  We had great halftime games for Beer and the restaurant was awesome thanks to the Royal Oaks Hotel Double Bay!  

Colin Was Over The Moon For The Patriots Overall We All Had A Great Day ... Looking Forward To Next Year!  Sports Hub Oz Crew...

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